39 Clues Majority 1 The Maze Of Bones

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Amy too Dan Cahill know their household unit of measurement is big, merely they don’t realize how large until their grandmother Grace’s funeral. Relatives brand it from all over the footing past times exceptional invitation. In Grace’s end volition too testament, she issues this challenge: For your inheritance, you lot may receive got the start of thirty-nine clues. The start squad to successfully set together the clues, which are scattered across the world, volition discovery the cloak-and-dagger of Cahill ability too teach the richest, nearly of import people inwards history. Or you lot may receive got ane 1000000 dollars inwards cash correct straightaway too walk away. Amy too Dan receive got the challenge! Soon, they are catapulted into a unsafe round-the-world race for the thirty-nine clues. They volition explore every continent, too delve into the strangest, darkest chapters of footing history to honor the cloak-and-dagger origins of their family. Other teams volition sweat to eliminate them past times whatever agency necessary, because inwards this treasure hunt alone ane squad tin sack win, too at that spot are no