Four A Divergent Collection Yesteryear Veronica Roth


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Four fans volition live on thrilled to read to a greater extent than (and overlapping!) stories from a favorite character's perspective. Especially since, fifty-fifty inward the stories earlier he meets Tris, readers larn to a greater extent than nearly his background, his early on Dauntless friends, in addition to his field of heed inward the ii critical years earlier Tris joins him inward the Faction in addition to changes his life. Not much of the plot details or characterizations volition live on revelations to Divergent readers, but Four's vox is truly sharper hither than in Allegiant, where it was sometimes slow to confuse alongside Tris' POV.
Ultimately, these stories are similar the special features on a DVD: fun to experience but slightly unnecessary to the overall appreciation of the function (in this case, the Divergent trilogy). Four's appeal is partially due to his tranquillity strength, his mysterious background, in addition to his might to present his vulnerable side to Tris. Roth added his signal of sentiment in Allegiant, in addition to then there's zip peculiarly new nearly his vox inward these stories. Still, it's fun to revisit secondary characters (Uriah's older blood brother Zeke, Shauna, in addition to Tori are especially good represented), fifty-fifty if y'all know what volition plough over off to them. And, of course, it's especially lovely to regard about moments from Divergent retold from Four's signal of view, because it shows how Tris didn't ever know what he was thinking or feeling nearly her.