The 39 Clue Majority Xi Vesper's Rising


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The twelvemonth is 1507, in addition to Gideon Cahill has been searching for a cure for the Black Plague. And spell he didn't discovery one, he did invent something else: an amazing formula alongside 39 ingredients that volition strengthen a someone beyond his or her wildest dreams. But his so-called friend, Lord Damien Vesper, finds out well-nigh his query in addition to wants the mightiness for himself. He desires it therefore badly, inward fact, that he is willing to produce anything to acquire it, including murder.
Gideon does the exclusively matter he tin forcefulness out mean value of to salve the formula in addition to his family. He divides it into 4 parts in addition to distributes it to his bickering children: Jane, Katherine, Thomas in addition to Luke. They therefore scatter to unlike parts of the world, running for their lives from the dastardly Lord Vesper. Gideon's wife, Olivia, is given the project of protecting his menage unit of measurement band --- a band alongside a deep secret. But Olivia has some other secret, 1 she never gets the adventure to portion alongside the remainder of the family: She's important alongside their 5th child!
The twelvemonth is 1526, in addition to Madeleine Cahill has had an odd nineteen years of life. Her mother, Olivia, has raised her alongside preparation inward apothecary, self-defense in addition to other skills, all nether a imitation refer inward guild to go along iii promises: to go along the menage unit of measurement band safe, to go along the hole-and-corner of the 39 clues, in addition to to reunite her bickering family. But when Lord Vesper discovers their location, they must run for their lives again. Madeleine therefore learns that her older blood brother is the adviser to King Henry VIII, in addition to she jumps at the adventure to essay in addition to reunite alongside him. So she travels to London, alongside Lord Vesper on her tail.
The twelvemonth is 1942, in addition to Grace Cahill is xiii years old. Her woman parent lately died giving nativity to her babe brother, causing her manly someone parent to wander off inward his grief. And since neither the nanny nor her older sister, Beatrice, wants anything to produce alongside the novel baby, Grace has cared for Fiske past times herself. Grace knows well-nigh her menage unit of measurement secrets, in addition to has fifty-fifty had some exceptional training, similar learning Morse code in addition to taking flight lessons. Then 1 nighttime she stumbles upon an urgent message to her manly someone parent well-nigh a ring. With no agency to contact him, she decides to personally deliver the message to General Patton stationed inward North Africa, alongside the Vespers on her tail.
It's introduce day, in addition to Dan in addition to Amy Cahill are dorsum inward Boston afterwards having simply experienced the 5 most exciting --- in addition to deadly --- weeks of their lives hunting for the clues. But afterwards 4 months of mundane life, Dan is bored. He won't hold upwards for long, though. Their guardians, Uncle Fiske in addition to Nellie, had hoped to give them to a greater extent than fourth dimension to rest, but fourth dimension has run out in addition to the Vespers are getting likewise some the ring. So Dan, Amy in addition to Uncle Fiske go to Switzerland to cry upwards the ring, alongside the Vespers on their tail.
Amy Cahill says it best --- "It's non over --- in addition to fans of The 39 Clues will hold upwards thrilled alongside the extension of this serial that begins alongside a trip to the past. Four of the master copy authors worked together on this 11th book, giving it a clever in addition to unique layout alongside each taking 1 chapter. The 4 chapters accept a await at separate fourth dimension periods inward the Cahill menage unit of measurement history. Rick Riordan handles the even of the Cahills, who started it all alongside the 39-ingredient formula; Peter Lerangis reveals Madeleine's story; Gordon Korman delivers 1 of Grace's adventures; in addition to Jude Watson catches fans dorsum upwards to Dan in addition to Amy inward the introduce day, in addition to the get-go of their trials against the Vespers. All 4 authors conduct maintain distinguishing styles in addition to the mightiness to write vividly descriptive lines.