The 39 Clues Mass Iv Beyond The Grave


Link: 39 clues Beyond The Grave

Download the 4th mass of the 39 clues , Beyond The Grave. Download it costless together with no ads together with no surveys for completing 

In the 4th installment of this bestselling series, Amy together with Dan wing to Cairo alongside alone a pyramid cast together with the give-and-take “Sakhet” to guide them. They are becoming quite the globe travelers, having been to Korea, Tokyo, Venice, Republic of Austria together with Paris, all inwards only a few brusk weeks. Amy, a whiz at research, has figured out that Sakhet is the Egyptian goddess alongside a lion’s head. H5N1 niggling flake of luck lands them inwards the hidden fortress of the Ekat branch of the Cahill family, where they larn approximately fascinating --- together with disturbing --- history.
Amy together with Dan notwithstanding don’t know from which of the 4 branches they hail, but the to a greater extent than they larn virtually their family, the to a greater extent than they would rather non claim Cahill status. They create honour something else inwards the Ekat stronghold, approximately other slice of the puzzle that leads them deep into the nighttime recesses of an Egyptian tomb to hold off for to a greater extent than clues.
Of course, the race for the clues would non live on consummate without approximately contest from the relatives. Amy together with Dan consider famous teen star Jonah together with his father, who cease upwards dumping them into a deadly confrontation on the Nile alongside an angry crocodile. And the siblings hesitate to proceed an alliance alongside approximately other team, because in 1 trial once again the advice given them to trust no 1 has proven all also true. As they fighting through the challenges they discovery inwards Egypt, both from the by together with the present, Amy together with Dan are showtime to wonder if those instructions genuinely pertained to their dear grandmother. Why hadn’t she helped them more? Are they genuinely all lonely inwards the world? It’s to a greater extent than of import than always for their squad to bond, non pause apart into fragmented pieces. But the pressure level inwards the race for the 39 clues is mounting, together with approximately of the players are willing to create anything to win, including murder.