The 39 Clues Mass Viii The Emperor's Code


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Book 8 begins alongside our heroes flight into China. As usual, they don’t convey much to become on, but an unknown soul slides them a hint on the plane. Instead of the activeness motion-picture present promised to everyone else on board, Amy together with Dan are forced to sentinel a viewing of The Last Emperor, and at that topographic point inward the background they choose grip of sight of the Janus crest. So they caput to Beijing together with The Forbidden City palace where half dozen generations of Chinese emperors lived. And using their Cahill talents, such equally creating diversions together with crawling into places non meant for tourists, they discovery unopen to real of import data for the clue hunt.
But piece waiting to run across upward alongside Nellie, their real cool au pair, Amy together with Dan showtime discussing the horrible intelligence they only learned nearly their ain history --- the fact that they are Madrigals. The Madrigals are rumored to hold out the most evil of all the Cahills. So how tin flame they and, to a greater extent than importantly, their love together with now-deceased parents together with grandmother hold out a operate of such a nasty group? Amy together with Dan intermission out into a fiery acquire by over the matter, resulting inward Dan running off into the crowds. And together with hence he gets lost. How tin flame they always hope to detect each other inward a province of a billion people?
After desperately searching everywhere for Dan, Amy together with Nellie create what they had hoped to avoid --- inquire for assistance from the competition. But fifty-fifty Uncle Alistair fails to locate the missing boy. Sick alongside worry together with out of options, Amy together with Nellie create the exclusively thing they tin flame yell back of: they give off alongside the clue hunt inward hopes of finding him on the way. And the side past times side pace inward the hunt is a huge i --- all the agency to the overstep of the highest peak inward the world, Mount Everest.