The Fifth Moving Ridge Past Times Rick Yancey

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In the wake of an alien invasion, most of humanity has been wiped out. All that keeps Cassie Sullivan going is the hope she made to her younger brother, Sammie, in addition to she volition produce near anything to endure reunited amongst him. After she's grievously wounded, she's nursed dorsum to wellness yesteryear a mysterious stranger, Evan Walker, who seems to endure keeping secrets from her. As Cassie struggles to trust Evan, she's unaware that the invaders are planning a novel score of treachery that threatens to destroy every final human survivor.
THE 5TH WAVE explores an apocalyptic scenario that nonetheless has about juice inwards it. By making the motives of the alien invaders opaque, writer Rick Yancey keeps readers guessing in addition to the score of suspense high throughout the book. Readers volition discovery echoes of The Hunger Games, Ender's Game, in addition to Stephen King's The Stand, simply The fifth Wave displays enough of originality. It's a nail-biter from commencement to end.

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